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BODAWERK International Ltd. is a Ugandan social enterprise developing cutting-edge solutions in the field of Lithium-Ion batteries. We develop electronics, battery designs & battery powered applications with a focus on embedded systems / high power electronics and their IoT-integration.

We have developed products and services covering our primary target sectors Energy, Transport and Agriculture.

Our technology ecosystem combines energy generation, storage and flexible consumption. This holistic approach allows us to address user needs while unlocking synergies between traditionally unrelated industries unlocking disruptively resource & energy efficient system designs.

We provide end-user with long-term renewable energy autonomy for his/her energy, mobility & farming needs with ‘circular economy inbuilt’.


Affordable & Smart Energy Storage

Our locally assembled LiON battery pack is affordable, IoT enabled (GSM & GPS) and application agnostic. Our battery can be shared between various applications e.g. motorcyclists at daytime and fishermen at night time and over its entire lifespan (circular economy) enabled through OTA updates. Battery-integrated, democratic charging and PAYGO financing enable ultimate scalability.


We enable various electric / battery-powered applications with our affordable battery. We have developed solutions for the sectors Energy, Transport and Agriculture. We target the 75% of Ugandan households not connected to the grid, the 100% over-capacity of renewable energy production in Uganda, the 0% E-Mobility situation and the sector that contributes to 25% of the GDP being massively under-mechanized with <4% mechanization.

we are Big on community

As a company, we believe in community involvement. This allows us not only to achieve great product-market-fits, but more importantly to provide economic opportunities through active collaboration.

This starts with the employment of neighboring youths and does not end with various charitable activities that are targeted to positively impact the community around us and people in need.

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