Electrical Engineer

Job Title: Electrician

Job Location: Kampala

Reporting To: Assistant Manager, Electrical

Introduction to Bodawerk:

BODAWERK International Ltd. is a Ugandan social innovations company that has developed an
intelligent energy storage system for productive use.

Our target sectors are mobility with our electric motorcycle (E-Boda), agriculture with our electric tractor
(E-Trak), and healthcare (E-Wheely). Additionally, we have developed a disruptive affordable solar power
system that shares its energy storage with the above-mentioned applications, providing a solution for
the last-mile-distribution of power.

We have developed our proprietary technology locally and are a local Li-ion battery pack manufacturer
as well as an electric vehicle assembler. Our mission is to unlock the potential of renewable energy with
affordable, cutting-edge technology for East Africa and accelerate the transition with our low-cost,
shareable, digital and recyclable Li-Ion battery pack standard managed on our self-developed
operational management software platform. Our goal is to operate our technology in Uganda while
licensing it worldwide.

The Role:
The electrician will solely be responsible for power distribution, mini-grid setup & maintenance,
operational repairs & maintenance while establishing best practices.

i. Install and repair wiring, electrical fixtures, power equipment, and machinery, and equipment
components following electrical codes, manuals, specifications, schematics, and blueprints.
ii. Install and repair control and distribution apparatus, including motors, relays, switches,
thermostats, circuit-breaker panels.
iii. Install and connect power supply wiring, cables, conduit, and electrical apparatus for machines
and equipment in new and existing facilities following diagrams, schematics, or blueprints.
iv. Diagnose and resolve problems in electrical circuits, systems, and equipment using testing
instruments and equipment.
v. Measure, cut, bend, thread, assemble and install electrical conduit using rulers, measuring
devices, hand tools, pipe threader, and conduit bender.
vi. Select material and hardware with clear specifications, make time and materials estimates
while maintaining accurate records on material and labour to be used on each particular task
while collaborating with the different stakeholders.
vii. Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job tasks, including lifting,
climbing, etc.

The ideal candidate should have these desired competencies;
● Has a degree in a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or a technical certification with 2+
years’ experience
● Knowledge of electrical power-trains coupled with experience in electric motors or knowledge
of DC circuits.
● Understanding of electrical engineering codes and safety standards.
● Ability to analyse and troubleshoot problems with electrical systems, read, understand and
follow blueprints, wiring diagrams, technical instructions
● Ability to break down complex issues into simpler steps and be able to resolve them.
● Experience with solar installations & wire routing.
● Ability to build strong partnerships with the relevant stakeholders involved.
● Ability to learn new initiatives to improve their work productivity

We are looking for someone who is driven, passionate and is willing to get their hands dirty and go all in
to be challenged to the limits of engineering potential.
Bodawerk offers a fun, supportive work environment and opportunities for continued professional
growth within a fast-growing global enterprise. It is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and considers all
applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin,
HIV/Aids, disability or any other protected characteristic as established by law.

Qualified females are encouraged to apply.