Lead Researcher

Job Location: Lira/ Apac/ Kampala

Reporting To: Agriculture Manager

Introduction to Bodawerk:

BODAWERK International Ltd. is a Ugandan social innovations company that has developed an intelligent energy storage system for productive use.

Our target sectors are mobility with our electric motorcycle (E-Boda), agriculture with our electric tractor (E-Trak), and healthcare (E-Wheely). Additionally, we have developed a disruptively affordable solar power system that shares its energy storage with the above-mentioned applications, providing a solution for the last-mile-distribution of power.

We have developed our proprietary technology locally and are a local Li-ion battery pack manufacturer as well as an electric vehicle assembler. Our mission is to unlock the potential of renewable energy with affordable, cutting-edge technology for East Africa and accelerate the transition with our low-cost, shareable, digital and recyclable Li-Ion battery pack standard managed on our self-developed operational management software platform. Our goal is to operate our technology in Uganda while licensing it worldwide.

The Role:

The Lead Researcher will be responsible for coordinating information, providing support through data analysis, and contributing to overall strategy and performance evaluation.


  • Coordinate with business management to determine research objectives
  • Create a plan of action, set project goals, and manage to completion the research assignments
  • Conduct detailed research by formulating effective and efficient research processes of intended subject matter according to business needs, deliver frequent project updates
  • Identify market trends and patterns relative to the research and make reports for management
  • Design surveys, questionnaires, polls, etc. specific to research requirements
  • Perform fieldwork, interviews, experiments, concept tests, etc. to gather data and test research methodologies to confirm intended purpose of evaluation
  • Utilize various professional sources to find and extract pertinent information, perform evaluative analysis of selected resources and current market data
  • Organize and maintain research databases
  • Frequently self-audit work and check data for errors and inconsistencies
  • Compile and organize findings in graphs, charts, mock-ups, and diagrams
  • Document, report, and present research findings to management and client

The ideal candidate;

  • Bachelor’s degree in research, economics or related field required; master’s degree preferred
  • Extensive and proven experience in field of research
  • Knowledgeable in various research and testing methodologies
  • Experience using statistical analysis software
  • Proficient using Microsoft Office Suite
  • In-depth knowledge of specific field
  • Strong math and statistical skills
  • Perform objective and ethical research at all times
  • Well-versed in database management
  • Effective communicator, both orally and written
  • Ability to work under pressure

Bodawerk offers a fun, supportive work environment and opportunities for continued professional growth within a fast-growing global enterprise. It is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and considers all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, HIV/Aids, disability or any other protected characteristic as established by law.

 Qualified females are more encouraged to apply