As a company, we develop products for the needs at the bottom of the pyramid that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our number one value is ‘RESPONSIBLITY’ which, on company level, translates into a corporate social responsibility. Our different backgrounds and passions have led to a mixed portfolio of activities in 5 areas:




A high quality and accessible education is what shaped the founders and what created BODAWERK. We help our employees to develop their individual capacities through internal programs as much as we are providing young school kids with stipends for school fees. This is our contribution to an educated future in Uganda.


We support women in business because of their disproportional high contribution to society and families which is rarely matched by societal respect and economic reward they receive. This is how we try to reduce inequalities and give back to the pillars of society.


Music and arts are usually among the first items to be cut off a list in an economic crisis. Yet, when we live in a tough environment and under high uncertainty, culture, music and arts can provide a sense of community, happiness and hope. With the help of donors, we support Florence, a local female music teacher with with instruments and monthly financial support enabling her to offer free musical education to kids and orphans in the area.


We support team sports, representing our 2nd value 'TEAMWORK'. We believe that team sports teach most important values such as co-operation, diversity, resilience, leadership, accountability, respect and patience. We support our local football team Kalinabiri FC with gears and some small financial funds.

Success stories

Right from my primary school I had a dream to become a professional accountant, so I thank Bodawerk International Limited which offered to support my career by paying for my CPA Course making me able to achieve my dream.

Nakayima Jovia

I have always wanted to start my own tailoring shop since i had the skills, Bodawerk helped build a shop and bought me embroidery and finishing machine which greatly helped and improved my standards of living.

Ms. Viola

I have always had passion for training less privileged children of Katogo slum but I was limited due to financial constraints, with support from Bodawerk my band is fast and growing.

Florence Lugemwa (Music Teacher)

Kalinabiri football team wasn’t known because we had never won any match this was due to lack of items like boots, training cons, uniforms, Bodawerk is contributing a lot financially and morally to our team.

Team Captain