Our goal is to apply our engineering innovations technology to create a wide range of products that meet the needs of the local people at the bottom of the pyramid and are friendly to the environment.



We strive to create partnerships with different organizations in order to create a wide network that can foster change and support for our communities.


We have our clients in mind. Our products are affordable, tested for safety and are not harmful to the health of the client.


We address the income and investments gap for motorcyclists who are able to save more on fuel which in the long run improves standards and costs of living for the general population. We provide and develop cheap and readily available mobility for the people at the bottom of the pyramid hence improving transport. We provide cost friendly products that can be afforded by a common man in the country.


We use technology to impact people in as far as skilling is concerned. We strive for technological advancement by providing engineering knowledge that can grow the technological sector. Our products are manufactured with the latest technology and crafted to foster new developments.


In a bid to improve the quality of work force and their families as well as the local community and society at large, BodaWerk puts aside a substantial amount of funds to contribute to education and Training for its employees and building employee skills to compete in the job market. Currently Bodawerk pays tuition fees for its employees who are advancing their career.


We seek to empower people everywhere by creating job opportunities, addressing critical challenges like unemployment. Bodawerk not only creates jobs for young women and men but also creates a wide range of innovations platforms that can benefit young people to be more self-reliant through job creation. Our recruitment benefits both the skilled and un-skilled labor allowing us employ the jobless and less educated population. Part of our core values, we treat employees fairly and ethically and provide a vibrant working environment that creates room for learning and growth.


Our primary focus is the environment. Our product is not hazardous and sensitive to the environment. We Invest in clean technology and energy to lower the environmental footprint that e-products have on the environment. Support climate change initiatives through creating environment friendly products and e-waste recycling. Our products fit the country’s goal to ensure a clean, hygienic and organized city. We seek to Partner with different e-waste recycling plants in East Africa and in the long run contributing to the world-wide movement to preserve the environment.



In a bid to enhance the classification of the work force and their families in addition to vulnerable local community and society at large, Bodawerk sets side a substantial amount of funds to contribute to education and training.


We identify with the vulnerable communities and empower them to be financially self-reliant. We financially support local businesses.


In a way of supporting the community Bodawerk supports a local musical band with instruments and monthly financial support


As a way to increase skill development in the community Bodawerk has financially and morally supported a local football team(Kalinabiri FC) to create a more coherent society.

Success stories

Right from my primary school I had a dream to become a professional accountant, so I thank Bodawerk International Limited which offered to support my career by paying for my CPA Course making me able to achieve my dream.

Nakayima Jovia

I have always wanted to start my own tailoring shop since i had the skills, Bodawerk helped build a shop and bought me embroidery and finishing machine which greatly helped and improved my standards of living.

Ms. Viola

I have always had passion for training less privileged children of Katogo slum but I was limited due to financial constraints, with support from Bodawerk my band is fast and growing.                        .

Florence Lugemwa (Music Teacher)

Kalinabiri football team wasn’t known because we had never won any match this was due to lack of items like boots, training cons, uniforms, Bodawerk is contributing a lot financially and morally to our team.

Team Captain