The E-wheely

The E-Wheely is a low-cost electric wheelchair made in Uganda. It is powered by locally recycled rechargeable lithium-ion batteries obtained from dead laptop batteries.

It has been developed to give back autonomy to People With Disabilities(PWDs) and support their integration into social and economic life.

the hybriclave

In partnership with Noor Medical, Bodawerk has developed the hybriclave: this is an autoclave designed to sterilize medical instruments in low-resource settings using solar energy or by placing it on other heat sources, such as cookstoves. 

It can also be powered by a locally made lithium ion battery, this is able to conduct a fully automated sterilisation cycle with the help of an android app in conjunction with the Battery Management System(BMS).

MULAGO Partnership

As a way to strengthen our relationship with Mulago Hospital, Bodawerk provides and services electric Tuk-tuks used for transportation of equipment such as oxygen gas cylinders, orthopedic equipment, medical supplies and clothing around the hospital.