The E-Boda

70% of the transport volume in East Africa is handled by 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles running on petrol powered combustion engines.  Based on the popular Bajaj Boxer, our E-bike is available in two models and is powered by our Smart Battery.

The E-BODA Commuter has a single gear and can provide up to 100km of range with a 150kg load capacity.

The E-BODA Work has a 4-speed transmission and can provide up to 100km of range with a 250kg load capacity.


Operated from the lake hubs that can support transportation, trade and fishery, the E-OUTBOARD is designed to be used as a part of our ecosystem.

The E-OUTBOARD provides 10HP and can operate for approximately 90 minutes on the water when powered by two of our Smart Batteries. 


To accommodate the larger loads that the E-BODA can’t, the E-TUKTUK features a larger 3Kw motor, the capacity to operate with multiple batteries, and a top mounted solar rack for self charging to ensure you keep going all day. 

The E-TUKTUK has 4 speed transmission, and  a load capacity of up to 500kgs.

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