LiON battery comprises layered arrays of lithium ion cells. It is scalable in terms of capacity and ultimately built with a compact outline. Charging allows for both DC & AC input sources at variable ranges(low - high current).


A battery management system(BMS) is the intelligent component of a battery pack. Bodawerk LiON BMS allows for centralized architecture, sporting a proprietary design optimized for safety, cost, reliability, performance and size.


Our current iteration is a low cost efficient smart battery charging apparatus. This charger provides an output power range of 750-2000W. It intakes both AC & DC sources and utilizes passive cooling. Assembled as a small design, it can be integrated into a battery pack.


Bodawerk battery system is embedded with a transformer less inverter to convert DC energy to AC that is compatible with most mainstream systems. This set-up is a  lower cost, higher efficiency alternative to conventional types.

User (Operator, Driver, Farmer) ←→ Asset (EV, Battery) ←→ Finance (Loan)

Integrations: USSD, SMS, E-Mail, MobileMoney (Airtel, MTN, Africell?)

Predictive Maintenance: humidity, vibration


Bodawerk App with a light user interface that showcases charging station maps and battery status information. 

Our operations software platform provides PAYGO web-support for payment management including mobile money.

Essential to improving processes, we maintain a database for collation, insights and analytics covering energy metering, life cycle management, business development and ride hailing centralization.

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